Special Fields of Application

Orthodontic treatments

  • Orthodontic treatments always affect proprioceptive and postural control
  • Proprioceptive reprogramming pre- and post- orthodontic treatment prevent sensory based spine misalignments

Temporomandibular disorders

  • Proprioceptive reprogramming pre-post oral devices and implantology to prevent postural disorders


  • Foot: microcirculation protection in diabetes
  • Foot: endurance development of intrinsic muscles

Venous insufficiency

  • Optimizing the muscle pump of the lower limb
  • Varices: pre- and post-saphenectomy


  • Improving and maintaining poise and good deportment

Eye pathologies

  • Reprogramming after lens changes, cataract surgery
  • Maculopathy: improves proprioceptive-based stability to prevent falls