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Delos brings value to professional
and amateur athletes in all main sports

The effects of high-frequency proprioceptive training with Delos:

Performance improvement

  • Refined proprioceptive control automatically improves sports gestures (due to better vertical control and consequent more ergonomic movements)
  • Increase of expressible strength for running faster, jumping higher, etc
  • Decrease in energy expenditure for enduring performance

Injury prevention

  • Injury prevention, specifically ankle sprains, knee sprains, low back pain, and muscle strains
  • Overuse syndrome prevention and healing, specifically Achilles tendinitis, and plantar fasciitis
  • Internal load monitoring to prevent overtraining

Safer Return-to-play

  • Decrease in proprioceptive control is always present after injury
  • Before returning-to-play it is crucially important to consider lack of proprioceptive control along with other symptoms
  • Proprioceptive control reprogramming should begin as soon as possible