The reproductions are not allowed of any type: photocopies, microfilm, reproduction on CD-ROM or recording on equipments for the elaboration of the data of the material of Delos srl without authorization. 

The use of the Mark is not allowed and of the Logo if not behind application and proper authorization. 

Every time that the are used words “Delos” and “Metodo Riva” it is necessary to add the symbol®, that explain they are Brands Recorded. 

Every form of publicity, placards, documents, illustrations and photo must be viewed and approved by Delos srl for the relative approval. 

The variation of the is not allowed proportions, the colors and the forms of the Mark and of the LOGO. 

It’s not allowed to duplicate or to copy from the internet site or from stamped paper the Photo of DPS that doesn’t originate from the our photographic brochure/archives; one time granted the use of photo is necessary to bring beside or under her photo, the wording “photos of ownership of Delos srl”. The material he is able to free ask to Delos for srl. 

The use of the mark is not allowed Delos® and of the mark Method Goes again ® for the reproduction of: attire, sporting equipments, purses, gadgets etc 

If you are working with the methodology Delos® and desires to divulge yours activity to the public and the media, contact the office it Stamps for requiring freely and free the material illustrative and descriptive (logo, photo, texts), necessary to the elaboration of the your message. 
You will just have prepared, thanks to the use of such material, yours draft of personalized communication, the office Stamps will provide to give you the approval for the publication to narrow turn of fax or and-mail.


Whoever writes of Delos® some Method Goes again ® on Internet, it is warmly guest to do reference to our site, so that the reader can view how much from us published in original. 

Those people who intend to publicize her/it own professional activity (professionals that use Delos® or retailers), will be able to use the mark “Delos® – Metodo Riva®” to condition that the project comes preventively submitted to the Direction of Delos srl, for a rapids evaluation and approval. 

Delos Srl