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DEB2 - Delos Equilibrium Board
prodotti db2
The second generation of the first electronic rocking board, with “a degree of freedom” and visual tracking of the micro-rolling of the point of support. Its exclusive rocking movement, combined with the subcortical visual tracking in real time, creates conditions of instability, capable of activating high frequency proprioceptive flows.
  prodotti db2
The rolling surfaces with variable radius permit the proposal of different levels of instability and the selective activation of the postural strategies.
prodotti db2
The postural reader that measures the subject’s levels of stability in static and dynamic monopodalic, bipodalic and seated conditions. It records and visualizes in real time the movements on the frontal and sagittal planes in relation to the vertical axis.
  prodotti db2
DVC can be placed on the trunk, head (nape or forehead: e.g. Fukuda-Alpini test) and on any other body segment (knee, thigh, shoulder, arm, lumbar-sacral zone).
DAD - Delos Assistant Desk

The device for the measurement of the “precautionary strategy”. The infrared sensor bar, in fact, provides a potential point of support, recording the contact of the hands. The monitor and keyboard surfaces and the “sensor bar”, all adjustable in height, make it immediately adaptable to patients and operators with different morphological characteristics and to the different functional demands of testing and/or training/rehabilitation.

DAD allows even subjects with low levels of motor abilities, old age or motor problems, to quickly and spontaneously reach total autonomy in managing situations of high instability.
DPB - Delos Postural Bench

It permits the carrying out of tests and specific training “seated on DEB and on DMW” for the monitoring and the trophic-functional reactivation of the stabilizing muscles of the spine, the abdomen and the scapulo-thoracic joint. The vertically adjustable support surface allows for the correct positioning of the board for working with the feet not on the ground.

DMW - Delos Multiaxis Wireless

Wireless electronic rocking board with “3 degrees of freedom” and visualisation in real time of the movements on the x, y and z axis. Tridimensional view of the trials. It represents the completion of DEB2 proposal, widening the number of biomechanical and postural situations to be managed. The rolling surfaces with variable radius permit the proposal of increasing levels of instability.

delos system
delos system

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